Nutritional Market

Mitigate Your Risk

  • Based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
  • FDA Registered manufacturing site
  • 310,000 ft2 / 27,000 m2 facilities
  • Operate under bulk pharmaceutical cGMPs
  • Audited regularly by the FDA and customers in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries
  • Products are manufactured to meet USP/EP/BP/JP/ACS and multi-compendial requirements
  • BSE/TSE free products


All Jost products are manufactured and fully tested in house.

Technical Support

Jost's experienced and dedicated technical staff responds quickly and thoroughly to customer requests for product solutions, information, and specific test requirements. Low levels of vagrant metals are reported using ICP-MS.


Jost Chemical's adherence to GMP manufacturing assures all finished goods are fully traceable "backwards" to the raw materials and "forwards" into the final packaging and ship-to location for every container comprising the production lot.

Quality Documentation and Support

Jost understands your need for immediate and detailed responses to inquiries for product and technical information. We will work with you to meet your specific product requirement and to develop a DMF, ASMF and CEP.

Flexible Ordering

Jost routinely ships orders from one drum to a truckload. Packaging options include fiber drums, poly drums, poly pails, cartons and super sacks. Custom packaging is available.

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